For the first time ever, Wrestlemania’s first all-female main event was launched and women in wrestling took over the male-dominated stage. For Wrestlemania 35, women wrestled it out at the first ever all-female main event as per the BBC.

Why the Women Headline is progressive?

Wrestlemania, in its 35-year history, promoted main event which witnessed the likes of The Rock, Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker who earned the WWE‘s top prize. This year, putting all the prominence names behind, women took the centre-stage with Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair who fight it out for the top spot. They headlined for the biggest moment in the wrestling calendar.

It’s a game-changer moment where spotlight was on women wrestlers. Charlotte Flair led WWE women to historic Wrestlemania main event this year. Talking about the event, she explained in an interview to The Post and Courier, “I think it’s refreshing to be able to see these women step up, and rightfully so – they did a lot of work to get to this point and I love the fact that we highlight that, we don’t shy away from that,” said Reigns. “We are pushing these women to be as great as they can be, and to be able to see them on The Grandest Stage of Them All, in the main event, closing the show. I think it’s a huge testament to women all over the world.”

The 33-year-old Charlotte, aka “The Queen,” was built for the wrestling game and she has proven to be a true protagonist

“Main-eventing Wrestlemania is the pinnacle of the women’s revolution,” Charlotte recently told ESPN’s SportsCenter. “And even two years ago, I think most people would say, ‘That’s impossible.’ The women from the past helped get us here and what we’ve created in the last few months, the momentum, now we’re walking into MetLife with a capacity of 80,000 people and main-eventing Wrestlemania.”

All about Women

“For so long, the wrestling industry has seen women as second-class citizens,” Rihannon Docherty, who wrestles as Rhia O’Reilly, told BBC. “Originally they were just there for their looks and that was it,” she added.

This is another milestone for Wrestlemania towards full equality between the two genders.

A vicious fighter, Rhia trains other wrestlers at the UK’s Eve Academy – an all-female pro-wrestling group for women of 18 and over in London. She says this year when WWE put women at the centre of their biggest event many girls who aspire wrestling got inspired since the space was always considered male-dominated.

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“WWE is seen as the forefront of wrestling for most people and if they’re doing it – it trickles down,” Rhia says. “Whether it’s as a wrestler, manager, promoter, tech-guy – whatever it is you want to do, this is the best time for everyone, but especially for women,” she hailed.

Talking more about the event, Emily Reed, who founded the Eve Academy, said the event is hostorical since “outside the WWE, women would fight in what were known as “toilet break” matches before a main event, giving fans time to go to the toilet or get a drink from the bar before an event’s headliners took to the ring.” So a thrilled Emily says “it is a huge step forward,” at seeing an all-female main event at Wrestlemania 35.

“It’s just the first step in equal billing for women in wrestling and still need to be pushing,” she concluded.

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