Hailing from the small town of Navsari, Gujarat, Bharulata Kamble is planning a road trip from UK to India which will cover 32 countries on its way. Kamble aims to finish her journey in 75 days sharp. It was actually her passion that drove her to this idea of a road trip through which she will also spread the message of women empowerment and gender equality.

Kamble has some ambitious plans for her drive, which also involves a 2,200km journey around the Arctic Circle. If Kamble succeeds in this attempt,  she will become the first driver to cover most of the distance in the Arctic Circle.

“I have always loved driving but to undertake such a long journey is also a big responsibility. Moreover, as we began planning the journey, I came to realize that if I do set the record, I would be representing two nations the UK where I am a citizen, and India, my native country,” Kamble told TOI.

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Her journey will also take her through the old silk route between China and the Middle-East. In her opinion, this will be a rediscovery of one of the most important trade route responsible for the development of the entire region, but also one that has been neglected since a long time because of modern means of transport.

43-year-old Kamble also aims to make the trip a symbol of support for the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign of the Indian government.  She reveals that she knows the importance of the campaign as she has grown up in house where she had three strong women role models and she had to fight to ensure that she does not get married off at an early age and before completing her studies.

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Kamble has kept some family time too in the trip as she would be driving around, her husband and sons will fly one a week to meet her when she will be circling around Europe. And they will all meet finally in India in Mahad where she plans to put a stop to her joirney.

Mahad is a place in Raigad town where her husband was born which is why she wants to end her journey there. “I will end my drive in my husband’s hometown Raigad district, as my husband hails from there,” Kamble confirmed.

Feature Image Credit: Scoopwhoop